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tipon Young Leaders Asiapro's CFO: Balancing the Bottom Line with a Big Heart


tipon Young Leaders Asiapro's CFO: Balancing the Bottom Line with a Big Heart

Joe isn't your typical CFO. Sure, he's a financial whiz with a resume that boasts experience across Asiapro Multipurpose Cooperatives entire finance function, from investments to regional operations. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find a leader who's as passionate about people as he is about the bottom line.

From Analyst to Asiapro's Nationwide CFO:
Joe's journey at Asiapro began in 2013 as an analyst. He wasted no time climbing the ladder, gaining experience in both operational and support finance, a quality that's invaluable in today's dynamic business landscape. This versatility is a hallmark of Joe's career.

Leadership by Example:
Ask anyone who works with Joe, and you’ll hear a consistent theme: he's an approachable and inspiring leader. He’s always happy to share his knowledge, and thrives on creating a collaborative environment. Challenges are tackled head-on, not avoided, and his team thrives under his guidance with his confidence and innovative thinking.

Building Bridges Across Departments:
Joe's influence extends beyond the Finance department. He readily shares his expertise with colleagues in the Industrial Engineering Department, offering guidance and a morale boost to younger team members. His positive attitude towards work is contagious, influencing departments like the Office of the President and General Manager (OPGM). Here, Joe's "cool and laid-back" demeanor has transformed the team dynamic, fostering a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

More Than Numbers:
Joe's success isn't just about crunching numbers. He's a strategic thinker who translates financial insights into actionable plans for the entire organization. He understands the importance of teamwork, and his ability to assess business platforms and support group capabilities allows him to challenge and empower the cooperatives to achieve their best.

A Rising Star:
So, how did this young leader become Asiapro's CFO? Joe shares that one question from his AGSB professor created a big impact in his career: “Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond?” Joe credits his decision to join Asiapro early on, when it was a smaller organization. He saw the potential for self-growth and the opportunity to make a real impact. His dedication and consistent hard work, or what he calls “splashes” in the small pond then, didn't go unnoticed, and Joe's career trajectory reflects his commitment to excellence.

Loyalty and Service:
For Joe, leadership is about service. He sees himself as a "loyal soldier" within Asiapro, ready to serve wherever needed. Whether it's staying on as CFO or taking on a new challenge, Joe's focus remains the same: serving the cooperative's 58,000 and steadily increasing members to the best of his ability.

The Bigger Picture:
What truly sets Joe apart is his sense of purpose. He believes in working for something bigger than himself, a philosophy that fuels his passion and dedication. He believes, “We shouldn’t be self-centered in thinking that we are all-important and special...I want to maximize the time that I have by working for something that is bigger than myself.”

He approaches every project with humility, valuing the expertise of those around him. This collaborative spirit fosters a culture of learning and innovation within Asiapro. He shares that “Approaching anything with humility makes it easier to learn, adapt and adjust. It also opens up everyone around you and makes them confident to say their ideas which are better than yours. After all, we’re a team and no single person can create an impact that is bigger than that of several people working together.”

Beyond the Balance Sheet:
When Joe isn't navigating the world of finance, you'll find him spending time with his family or enjoying a night out with friends. He's a well-rounded individual with a genuine interest in the people he works with and the cooperative he serves.

Joe's story is a testament to the power of dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to something bigger than oneself. He's a leader who inspires not just with his financial acumen, but also with his warmth, humility, and unwavering dedication to Asiapro's success.

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