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D.O. 174 Compliant Labor Service Provider

Typical head-based model through end-to-end HR Services – from Recruitment to Payroll as well as administrative control – to fulfill your manpower requirements. This is currently applied in the following industries: Construction, Retail and Merchandising, Hotel and Restaurant, Aviation, Agribusiness

Labor Service Provider with Service Package

Our DO.174 Labor Service package will be customized to adapt to your business model and needs, We will also provide our deployed members with the necessary TOOLS, EQUIPMENT and METHODS required for them to fulfill your requirements.

Toll Manufacturing Agreement

Billables are based on output of the product and not through manhours. Facilities are managed, owned, or leased by our cooperative while applying productivity and efficiency techniques.


Manage - Operated - Maintain (MOM) Model - We shall operate, manage, and maintain specific parts of your business operations while your company can focus on your core business priorities.


Piece-rate, Packaging and Efficiency-based Specialized Agreement - Specific per piece rate output independent of manpower output based on forwarded products from clients to be packaged and shipped.

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