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Pioneer Worker Owned Cooperative in the Philippines


Pioneer Worker Owned Cooperative in the Philippines

Asiapro Multi-Purpose Cooperative is known as a pioneer worker-owned cooperative in the Philippines. It is a pioneer in two major aspects:

1. Population growth, where it has exponentially grown to 65,000 active worker-members in 20 years.

2. Development of business model that will cater the diversity of the Filipino workforce.

From 1999 to 2003, Asiapro concentrated its services in the Luzon area, starting with 60 active worker-owners increasing to 10,601. It started to diversify in terms of worker-owner distribution in 2004, expanding to Visayas and Mindanao, with 85 and 8,033 worker-owners respectively. Although there were erratic changes in the population growth through the years – where it reached to 70,790 in 2017 – Asiapro still posed a significant growth with almost 69,000 members to date.
Throughout its career, Asiapro has become the benchmark for other worker cooperatives. It initially started with manpower placement where for most of its clients, it provides their needs in terms of manpower, starting from the Agriculture industry where it deployed almost 9,000 farmers in Mindanao. Then in 2013, it acquired its biggest account in terms of contribution to member count yet under the construction industry.

Because of changes in the regulatory environment and the continuous growth of the cooperative, it thought of ways to provide sustainable livelihood to its members thus, its current business model. Asiapro developed a business model that will cater the diversity of the Filipino workforce called Self-Managed Business Operations. Through this model, the cooperative moved away from manpower servicing and provided a comprehensive self-managed operations such as Toll Manufacturing, Construction, Agri-Business, Aviation Services, Sales Services, Hotel and Restaurant, Retail and Merchandising, and Facilities Management.
As Asiapro continues to expand and evolve, it nevertheless, always goes back to its purpose of inspiring meaningful and fulfilled lives with its members.



Asiapro is a pioneer multipurpose cooperative in the country providing customized managed services solutions to its clients and prides itself in being socially relevant especially to its members. Asiapro is a Bronze winner of Investors in People Award. Sa Asiapro, bawat isa Mahalaga.

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