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Asiapro Cooperative Is Your Trusted Partner for Social Progress


Asiapro Cooperative Is Your Trusted Partner for Social Progress

Asiapro Cooperative is your trusted, socially responsible, worker-owned partner for social progress. We provide premium managed services to our valued clients. We are engaged with clients in various industries nationwide. As a D.O. 174 Compliant Independent Sales Service Provider, we will manage the day-to-day complexities of your field sales operations & conduct demand-generation activities.

Field Sales Force Deployment & Demand Generation Activities:
✓ Field Sales Force deployment – Face to Face selling
✓ Conduct Product Trainings, demos and tours
✓ Product Merchandising and Inventory
✓ Tele-sales and Marketing
✓ Conduct Trade Marketing Activities i.e., Harvest Festivals & Market Day showcases

Labor Service and Customized Managed Services We Offer:
✓ Operations Management
✓ Hotel Management
✓ Housekeeping Management
✓ F&B Management
✓ Restaurant Management
✓ Training
✓ Technical Services
✓ Other Managed Services

Construction Operations Services We Offer:
✓ Structural works
✓ Architectural Fit-outs
✓ Precast Concrete Installation
✓ More Construction Operations Services

Agribusiness Services:
✓ Crop and Fertility Planning
✓ Weed Control Management
✓ Disease Management
✓ Insect Management
✓ Harvesting
✓ Logistics
✓ Sales and Marketing

Warehouse and Logistics Operations Services We Offer:
✓ Management of operations of transport services
✓ More Logistics Services
✓ Staffing and operating your warehouse from Inventory Management & Asset Visibility to Security Monitoring

Production and Factory Workers Deployment and Process Optimization Activities:
✓ Increased Productivity of Member-Workers
✓ Process Improvement and Optimization
✓ Maximization of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Contracted Area


We are here to help you with you manpower needs. Set your appointment soon and let’s talk about how we can help your company grow.

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