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"Do not hesitate to enter the Cooperative"


"Do not hesitate to enter the Cooperative"

Worklife Stories is a documentary/interview Series that’s published in Worklife Cooperative’s Official Facebook Page. The goal of the series is to showcase long term Worklife members, how the Cooperative shaped and changed their lives for the better. Through inspiring stories and work, the members of Worklife were able to share their journey under the Cooperative.

Ma.Cris Commendador a Safety crew member in Paranaque City


Ma. Cris says that the first thing she does is assess lifting activity of the reaper metal that’s needed in the workplace and also in traffic especially in pumpcrete pouring you really need to be there, she then went on to say “the access or walkways of the members need safety precautions as well so they won’t get injured, lastly housekeeping so they can avoid accidents”. 

She has been working with Worklife for 2 years now, she says she likes every aspect of her job. Ma.Cris thinks it is not that hard to do her work, and that she’s happy with it. Worklife has contributed to her life she says, ”I can support my mother”, she also went on to say that she’s slowly getting their house in the province fixed and she is hopeful that next year her nephew would graduate from taking Medicine as his course with her support through Worklife.

   Ma.Cris went on to say that all of her co-members have been fun and nice to her, the staff of Worklife has been really approachable and that they are kind people, they won’t neglect you on the day that you need them.

  Ma. Cris’s advice for potential members and everyone in Worklife Cooperative, “Do not hesitate to enter the Cooperative cause first of all they have many benefits, they won’t neglect you and they treat you as family that when the time comes you need them they are there for you, and they won’t think twice to help you out.”


Her closing remarks is that she wishes Worklife would last longer and that they would help many people seeking out jobs in the Construction industry “God bless po” as she ends the interview.


Worklife Interview Episode 3

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