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Success with Asiapro: The story of my progression in career and in life


Success with Asiapro: The story of my progression in career and in life

“Daghang Salamat sa Asiapro, as they gave meaning to my life
and opened opportunities in my career without discrimination”
– Ian Reduban


Before I joined Asiapro, I was an undergraduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management in University of Manila. I couldn’t pursue my course as I was forced to work to support my family’s needs at an early age.

The story of my career progress started when I became a part of the cooperative in June 1999 as a Production worker for one of the cooperative’s client. I lifted heavy loads and was part of the packaging division. When the client’s business shut down Asiapro never left me hanging as the cooperative acquired me as a project-based employee for records and filing. I started to grow, and the cooperative’s management noticed my performance and gave me a regularization. As time goes by, with perseverance and opportunity that the cooperative entrusted in me, I am now the Administrative Officer for Records and Housekeeping under the Cooperative Administration and General Services. Truly, Asiapro provides excellent development in career and job opportunities.

I was supported by the cooperative when I needed to undergo a major surgery. I availed the additional benefit available to all Asiapro members on top of the government benefit provided. I was able to support my siblings educational financial needs to finish culinary course and today my brother is now a certified chef in a well-known restaurant. Asiapro proves that they can change, inspire, and give meaning to everyone’s life by providing sustainable job as a source of income and benefits. 

My life changed for the better as I was developed and groomed by the cooperative’s management, values, trainings, principles, and purpose. I also believe that Asiapro Cooperative embraces care, support, and understanding to member’s needs.

I will be forever grateful to Asiapro Cooperative as they become a big part of my success in career and progress in life.

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