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Excellence in Productivity: A Win Win for the Cooperative and the Client


Excellence in Productivity: A Win Win for the Cooperative and the Client

Independent Manufacturing Group (IMG) is a business platform engaged in Toll Manufacturing for various industries. IMG prides in optimizing specific parts of the business where labor is a dominant cost driver. Management engagements in the field of Manufacturing are also the purview of the group. Providing a tried and tested solution for the increasingly regulated labor environment.

Through Asiapro’s IMG, clients can focus on their core business functions and need not worry the productivity and efficiency of the members – IMG will supply their needed products, not worrying about administrative-related concerns of the people. IMG believes that, through excellence in productivity, there is a win for all stakeholders. What do you mean by this, you may ask? With the team of experts, headed by Michael Gonzalez, who has over 30 years of business development, project and program management, manufacturing and retail operations, poultry farm and production operations, and industrial and civil engineering experience from different companies where he held Chief Operating and Chief Executive positions. IMG optimizes the efficiency of the members and increase their productivity through process improvement and member engagement programs. This is done through training programs and rewards system that proved to have improved efficiency and productivity. As their data shows, before IMG took over a packaging operation, efficiency of members was at 76%. However, when they incorporated efficiency techniques was at 95% which is 25% increase efficiency, which peaks at 146% since they took over the plant operations. Excellence in productivity is truly at the core of IMG’s business operations. In order to achieve above average profitability, members are motivated through incentive programs which in turn increased their productivity. Essentially, with this mindset, members are happy because of higher take home pay, and the clients as well for higher output which means higher profitability for them.

It is a win-win situation for all of the stakeholders as for the clients, there is an increase in productivity and instead of billing per man-hours, they are now billed per agreed output, which of course, enables IMG to provide better quality output to them. For the members, because of efficiency and continuous member engagement, and increase in take home pay. Lastly, for the cooperative, as it is continuously able to provide sustainable livelihood to its members and quality service to its clients.

Through the Independent Manufacturing Group, the cooperative is more than hopeful that it will be able to live by its principle of inspiring meaningful and fulfilled lives with its members. Because at Asiapro, “Bawat isa, Mahalaga.”

Asiapro is a pioneer multipurpose cooperative in the country providing customized managed services solutions to its clients and prides itself in being socially relevant especially to its members. Asiapro is a Bronze winner of Investors in People Award. Sa Asiapro, bawat isa Mahalaga.
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