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Empowering Communities through Job Opportunities and Problem Solving


Empowering Communities through Job Opportunities and Problem Solving

Time and again, contractualization has been a struggle for the Filipino workforce. Contractual employees are those who work on a temporary basis or those contracted for five to six months and after which laid off from work. For most employers, contractualization may be beneficial for they do not have to worry about employees’ social security, retirement, and other forms of insurance. However, for the workers, this has adverse implications such as unsecured job and uncontrolled lifestyle due to job impermanence.

Asiapro practices community-based recruitment where it utilizes the surrounding community for employment. This local-based hiring enables the cooperative to reach out to the community for employment needs. One example is in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro (CDO), where one respondent narrated her experience of community with Asiapro.


Situation: Adjacent barangays in CDO were crowded with “tambays” drinking and fighting each other every night.

Intervention: Asiapro provided employment these “tambays,” thus lessening the number of vice casualties. Asiapro also pays taxes, which go to the community. The cooperative provides feeding programs, free cmputers and books, and scholarships to the community. After typhoon Sendong when CDO was greatly affected, Asiapro provided emergency and calamity loans and distributed relief goods.

Impact: Although the number of “tambays” is unknown, the impact can be gauged by the extent of the anti-poverty programs provided by Asiapro, which helped Sendong victims recover quickly from their disaster-stricken situation.

Unfailingly banking on its purpose of inspiring meaningful and fulfilled lives with its members, Asiapro vows to take care of them and always putting them up first above anything else. As stated in the book Work that Uplifts Human Life, Asiapro: Excellence Beyond Productivity, “Being in a worker cooperative allows worker-owners to experience collective effort geared towards helping all of the members by virtue of the cooperative principle of finding employment for all.”


Asiapro is a pioneer multipurpose cooperative in the country providing customized managed services solutions to its clients and prides itself in being socially relevant especially to its members. Asiapro is a Bronze winner of Investors in People Award. Sa Asiapro, bawat isa Mahalaga.

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