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Juvy Joy Bitayo, 33 years of age, currently serves as the Senior Program Officer at Asiapro Foundation Incorporated (AFI). With a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Ateneo de Davao University, Juvy has dedicated her professional life to social work, emphasizing communication, stakeholder engagement, and the systematic implementation of projects.


Professional Responsibilities

At the core of Juvy's role is the initiation of networks and communication with both internal and external stakeholders. Internally, this includes revenue members of the cooperative, satellite heads, and member supervisors. Externally, her interactions extend to local government units and community members. Juvy is responsible for regularly updating and reporting the project's status and challenges to the Foundation’s Program Manager and President. Additionally, she conducts interviews for the validation and assessment of members referred for emergency and medical assistance.


A Calling to Social Work

Juvy's journey into social work was inspired by her desire to help and rescue abused children, influenced by the rise of Bantay Bata 163 on television. Over time, she developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of her chosen field, embracing it not just as a profession but as a vocation. She recalls her professors’ advice that social work is enriching not in monetary terms but through experiences and personal growth.


A Career Spanning Over a Decade

With 12 years of professional practice, Juvy has worked with various humanitarian and welfare agencies, encountering diverse clients and beneficiaries. Her experiences have continuously provided new learnings, reinforcing the realization that while social work is inherently a helping profession, the attitude of helping does not require a formal degree. The professionalization of social work, however, ensures a systematic approach to influencing individuals, groups, and communities.


Leadership and Communication

Juvy started at Asiapro Foundation in 2017 as a Program Officer. Although she does not have direct reports, she exhibits leadership by ensuring the successful implementation of programs and projects in various areas or Satellite Offices. Effective communication, building, and managing diverse groups are crucial leadership skills she emphasizes. Juvy strives to be a leader who listens and encourages self-determination among the revenue members, aiming to create a positive impact through AFI’s services and interventions.


Personality and Work Ethic

In early 2023, the AFI Team had a planning workshop with a team-building activity, which included an online self-profiling based on the 16 Personality Types (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Juvy was identified as an ISFJ-A, known as a Defender. Her outstanding qualities include being supportive, reliable, and hardworking. This personality type is characterized by humility, commitment, and altruism, balanced by practicality. These attributes were quickly confirmed by her colleagues, who appreciated her thorough, complete, and timely work.


AFI President and General Manager, Rafael Alvaran, noted, "Juvy’s quiet demeanor does not leave a mystery about who she really is but brightly mirrors her inner self - as one who always makes her actions speak louder than her words. Juvy’s work has spoken out loud for her and the AFI team."


Engaging with Cooperatives

Initially, Juvy's perception of cooperatives was limited to loan services. Her engagement with Asiapro Cooperative revealed its nature as a labor-service cooperative, expanding her understanding of the diverse roles cooperatives play. Her role at AFI, focusing on projects in Mindanao, has involved long-distance relationships with her leaders, for which she is grateful for their trust and support.


Representation and Impact

Juvy is the face of the Foundation in Mindanao, recognized by members and project beneficiaries more than those at the Head Office. She represents the Foundation well, passionately demonstrating its core values of service, transparency, and accountability. "Having worked with her for over five years, I can attest to her innate sense of integrity, professionalism, and dignified approach to our members," a senior colleague affirmed.


Challenges and Aspirations

Juvy acknowledges the challenges in aligning business and welfare functions within cooperatives. Despite their unique identities and functions, both entities can find common ground in their social responsibility and commitment to mutual support. AFI aims to expand its reach within and outside the cooperative sector, striving for a supportive working environment crucial for maintaining a strengthened workforce.


Message to the Younger Generation

Juvy shares a life mantra: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." She hopes this resonates with the younger generation, encouraging them to find passion in their careers. Embracing and loving one’s job leads to a positive attitude, reflected in outputs and working relationships, even amid challenges.

Juvy Joy Bitayo's dedication to social work exemplifies a career driven by passion and commitment. Her professional journey with Asiapro Foundation Incorporated highlights the importance of effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and the systematic implementation of impactful projects. Her leadership and experiences serve as an inspiration to those in the social work field and beyond. 

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