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“The Cooperative is really good”


“The Cooperative is really good”

Worklife Stories is a documentary/interview Series that’s published in Worklife Cooperative’s Official Facebook Page. The goal of the series is to showcase long term Worklife members, how the Cooperative shaped and changed their lives for the better. Through inspiring stories and work, the members of Worklife were able to share their journey under the Cooperative.


Garry Poblete Carpenter deployed in Cubao, 5 Years with Worklife


Garry’s favorite part in Carpentry is whenever their supervisor assigns them a task and whenever they can deliver it on time he went onto say “Whenever we see their faces that they are content and happy with the work we made, it makes us happy as well”.


Financially speaking he can buy the necessities his family needs it makes him feel good that my children are happy cause of the help of Worklife. The thing he likes the most about Worklife compared to other Construction Companies is that they have savings that’s the one of the good things with Worklife Cooperative, whenever you are in a bind you can withdraw your savings that you can get the next day. His inspiration for working is his children, he wishes that they can have a consistent education and to be able to provide their daily needs.


“The Cooperative is really good” according to Garry, he says that because there’s a culture of helping each other there is cooperation, for example a member is short on funds you can help them and they would do the same for you. During the pandemic he was thankful to God cause when the pandemic came in he did not experience what most people in the country suffered from work wise cause he remembered during that period Sir Shernan would bring them relief goods.


Garry said, “that you should apply here cause Worklife has been good to me there’s a savings program and the benefits are complete, and also Worklife won’t let you down, If you apply at Worklife they would assist you in the office”.


Visit the Worklife Cooperative Facebook Page to view the interview!

Worklife Interview Episode 4

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