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“Because of Worklife I was able to support the needs of my Family”


“Because of Worklife I was able to support the needs of my Family”

Worklife Stories is a documentary/interview Series that’s published in Worklife Cooperative’s Official Facebook Page. The goal of the series is to showcase long term Worklife members, how the Cooperative shaped and changed their lives for the better. Through inspiring stories and work, the members of Worklife were able to share their journey under the Cooperative.


Henry M. Piapa Cruz a Utility Worker deployed in Haskell Muntinlupa City


Henry has been working for 25 years and for 17 years a member of Worklife. His favorite part about working here is that they have team work, so that they can do their job well according to him.

“My inspiration is my family. The Cooperative has helped me a lot, because of Worklife I was able to support the needs of my family, my children were able to graduate from school. We have SSS, Pag-ibig, PHILHEALTH, Insurance, 13th Month we have a Cooperative, we have savings and loan that is what’s great about it.” According to Henry about how the Cooperative has helped his life and its benefits.


“Utility Work means the maintenance and/or repair of pipes, lines and other such conveyances for water, sewer, storm-water, steam, gas, fuel oil, electricity, and communications“ - law


What he enjoys the most about his job is giving respect and Concern for Others he said this with conviction. Henry without hesitation said “To anyone who wants to be a member of Worklife Cooperative be honest, give respect to your fellow workers, and I’m giving my thanks to God because Worklife came in to my life”. To end the interview Henry smilingly said “Mabuhay Worklife”.

Visit the Worklife Cooperative Facebook Page to view the interview!

Worklife Interview Episode 1

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