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How to Boost Your Team’s Morale


With today’s economic demands, it is very important for a company to have productive and happy employees. Whether your company provides manpower services in the Philippines or you have a retail business, your employees’ happiness and satisfaction must be a priority.


Why is it Important to Keep the Employees Happy?

Happy employees feel a sense of satisfaction from their work. They find satisfaction each time they finish a task because they feel like what they do is important and has meaning to the company. These feelings reduce stress – something that usually lowers an employee’s productivity rate.

If you notice your employees dragging themselves to work then they may need some encouragement from you. Remember, low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity, and an increased turnover rate. Employee morale can make or break a company’s success. This is the reason why company leaders must keep a close eye on it so they can devise strategies on how to strengthen employee morale.

Keeping employees happy can be tricky. Happiness is primarily something that a person feels inside. Friends, family, certain events, and the workplace can either add or lessen someone’s happiness. If the workplace is stressful and an employee is experiencing difficult challenges such as back stabbing, micromanaging from team leaders, and health hazards, then their morale will rapidly go down.


What are ways to keep each employees’ morale at optimum level?

Since every employee is different, you will have to try several ways to try and boost your team’s morale. A simple “good job!” might be enough to boost one employee’s morale, but it might not mean much to another. Consider the following tips on how to make the workplace an environment where everyone is happy and motivated:

  1. Be a good employer

What does it mean to be a “good employer”? A “good” employer is more than just someone who never forgets to provide their employees’ monthly salary. More than that, they make sure that employees understand what is expected of them, what needs to be done, the deadlines, and what will happen after the employees have finished their responsibilities. A “good” employer also sets clear boundaries, provides sound direction, and is a healthy role model to employees. Creating a manual is not enough for this; you must be responsible enough to communicate with your employees regarding the rules. Whatever boundaries were set, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure each employee follows them.

  1. Show that you care for them

Your workers should know that you care and value them. As the employer, always encourage your employees. If a person commits a mistake, hold back on the punishments; instead, talk to that employee then teach the correct procedures. Although you might be the boss, you should not resort to harsh actions like publicly humiliating an employee or salary reduction over a mistake that can be smoothed out. Offer encouragement and further help if needed. Keep in mind that punishing people will make everything worse as it will only make workers bitter and angry, causing them to sabotage their work. However, if errors continue then you may need to re-evaluate the person and see if they are really fit for the job.

Make your employees feel that they are valued by talking to them. If you sense that one of them is depressed or is going through something, offer help and assistance if possible. Employees with depression experience an increase in health problems and have a higher chance of being absent from work. Since you are all in one workplace for eight to ten hours every day, it is important that everyone works well together to make sure that the business continues to develop and succeed.

  1. Make sure the workplace’s atmosphere promotes productivity

The office’s physical layout is important to keep productivity at the maximum. People must be provided with enough room to work, has the correct supplies, and a comfortable environment. Ecotherapy can be another element of a productive environment. You can add real plants to the office and offer healthy food choices in the pantry. Also, make sure that the employees have healthy air to breathe. Change the air filters regularly because indoor air pollution is a serious problem that many offices go through. Have the janitors clean the office regularly to prevent diseases. In addition to that, let the employees decorate their own workspace (within reason of course) so they have a place in the office that they can call their own.

When employees feel like they are an important part of the team, they are more willing to put in extra effort for the company, co-workers, and clients. At AsiaPro, we make sure that every member-owner is valued and appreciated, just like our customers. As a result, they are more enthusiastic and inspired to perform their best for our client-companies. Asiapro is a cooperative that provides manpower services to numerous client-companies from different industries. To know more about us, visit our website at http://asiapro.coop/.