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As the savings and credit arm of Asiapro Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Asiapro Savings and Credit Services works to bring essential and responsive financial service offerings closer to our members, particularly those who may otherwise not have such access through the traditional financial channels.

It aims to encourage members to save periodically and realize higher interest earnings than regular bank products. It serves to bridge the income gaps that individual members may face, by offering them various loan products at competitive rates vis-à-vis informal lenders and conventional financial institutions.

The business also generates additional income for members. Yearly surplus is shared via reduction of loan interest to member-borrowers, and as additional interest on savings placed by member-contributors. Further, it provides financing to member-nominated livelihood projects operating near Asiapro markets and selected targets.

Asiapro Transport

Asiapro Transport is at the forefront of providing logistics services in Mindanao. Servicing farm operations of the large agri-business enterprises, we operate a diversified fleet - from 4-wheelers to prime movers. With a wide array of equipment at our disposal, we are ready to cater to our clients' every need. Our current operations are banana hauling (dry and reefer), in-farm hauling, and coco coir hauling.

Memphis Trucking

Memphis Trucking is 75% owned by Asiapro and its partners. Drivers, individual contractors and maintenance staff are member-owners of Asiapro Cooperative, consequently adding value to the cooperative's thrust to expand its membership.

Memphis is based in Carmona, Cavite, with a fleet ranging from 10-wheelers to prime movers. Providing complete logistics solutions to both companies and retail clients, the company provides high quality, personalized services while giving competitive rates to its clients. With its fleet, Memphis has provided logistical support to clients from within Metro Manila up to Pampanga in the North and Batangas in the South.


Agrilogx, a grower's cooperative, is in the business of providing agricultural services and executing farm operations. Led by a team heavily experienced in agribusiness, Agrilogx has grown into a 430-hectare operation, growing export-quality bananas for our clients. We are continuously adding value to the services we provide through offering complete farming solutions - from the nursery stage up to packing and delivery. Our activities include fertility planning, crop planning, weed control management, disease management planning, insect management planning, farm logistics, planning and execution, sales and marketing, and nutrient management.