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HARDWORK PAYS OFF: A Meliza D. Cadeliña Success Story

“Asiapro has been a great influence in achieving what I am today” said Laling. Meliza D. Cadeliña is an asset of Asiapro Cooperative for 5 years. She is one of the effective and efficient leaders who helped in the cooperative’s success through the years. Laling (as popularly known by her colleagues) known to be a strong woman. A true friend to everybody, a good role model, determined and passionate to her work.

Laling started as a revenue member and promoted as a Member Supervisor.  “Asiapro helped me in sustaining my family’s need.” Financially, she was able to help her husband in building their own house.

hard work 2

According to Laling, Asiapro molded her professionally because she was given a chance to handle people. Through trainings, she was able to enhance her leadership capabilities. “It was a great privilege to attend trainings, assemblies, and conventions for not all were given these opportunities.”

Her potentials were recognized by the client because of the good services she rendered. “Whatever our work is, it is important to work with honesty and with quality. We have to work hard because in return we can easily achieve our ambitions. Doing well at work pays off all your efforts” she added.