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gQ’s 3Gs: 2016 Welcome back address

“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” – Lao Tzu

Last January 4, Asiapro opened 2016 with a fresh start.  Gary Quemado, Asiapro’s President and General Manager gave his welcome back address during the flag ceremony held every Monday.

In his speech, Quemado recalled a message from a homily which he heard last year.  The bishop outlined his theme into what he called the 3G’s: gift, gratitude and going forward.  He borrowed the bishop’s outline and applied it to the current situation and came up with the 3G’s of Asiapro.  His speech focused with his 3G’s.

“GIFT – 2015 was a gift. We achieved levels of growth that we have never experienced before.  Our people had performed admirably from operations, sourcing, MODD, treasury, finance, CSR, audit, ASCS, AMDG to everyone. These folks were a gift to our Cooperative.  Also, the gift of the bronze level with Investors in People was given to us.”

Without the dedication of the organization’s members, the organization cannot function properly. Without Asiapro’s operations and support units, it would not be fruitful. Most importantly, the organization would not achieve the Investors in People (IiP) award without its gem, its members. Quemado also added that the business provided the gift of sustainable livelihoods to at least 15,000 additional members and the additional social security safety nets.  Few of those are hospitalization, savings and credit services and the members’ financial package.

“GRATITUDE – For the many blessing and gifts, both known and unknown to us, we give thanks. We thank the Lord for the year that passed and the achievements that he allowed us to accomplish.  We thank the Lord for this new day, this New Year and the hope that it brings.”

Quemado reminded the members of the things they should be grateful for.  Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and thankfulness for blessings and benefits a person have received.  As an organization, Asiapro’s spirit of gratitude allows the members to serve others better. In fact, people are generally happier when they have thankfulness in their hearts.  Asiapro members cannot be unmotivated, resentful, or mean-spirited when they are grateful.  A New Year and a new beginning make the organization more hopeful and grateful for good things to come.

“GO FORWARD – We go forward with the good that we do. With the compassion and care we extend to our members, we go forward inspiring fulfilled and meaningful lives with our members.  We go forward because that is our commitment, our responsibility and our joy.  We go forward because that is who we are.”

As an organization, Asiapro’s commitment is to serve.  As it moves forward with faith and dedication in what it does, Asiapro fulfills that commitment.  As it begins again its journey and starts beneath its feet, new challenges will come.  If Asiapro just keeps lifting its feet and putting it down, one foot in front of the other, it will continue to move further away from where it is now.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and Asiapro’s new journey begins now.