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The Fruit Hauler

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”- Albert Schweitzer

Iris Corpuz’ success story started in a farm. In 2002, Iris joined Asiapro as a farm clerk in Calinan Branch, Davao City.  She remembers vividly the day she started to work. It was the first day of June when she was interviewed and got immediately hired by Asiapro. The thrill and excitement of a first job gave excitement to Iris at that time.

Iris graduated from the University of Southern Mindanao with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. To her surprise, the first task she needed to accomplish had nothing to do with computer programs. Every morning, she had to ride a fruit hauler to visit farms in her work. There, she had the time to talk with her fellow Asiapro members.

After almost two years of as a farm clerk, Iris got promoted to Billing and Payout Processor. Soon after this, she became a Finance Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Credit Collection and Treasury Specialist and Officer in Charge. Now, she is the Satellite Office Head of Asiapro Kidapawan.

Being in the industry, she experienced hardships that have molded Iris into what she is right now. She went through pressures in the field regarding financial assistance to members and other problems related to her position. But she never quit. Iris kept on learning new things and exercising faith that things will get better.

At present, aside from having her own family, a salon and spa center, a fruit farm and a rice field, she treasures her greatest possession – her heart full of service.

As a person who knows what it feels to be a subordinate, an employee and a worker, she knows how to help those who are in need of her service. Experiencing the farm heat and working first hand with the members when she was starting as a newbie has enabled her to have empathy for those members who need her.

“Living a simple life together with our members in the farm is a great experience that instills humility in me. Working and serving our members in the field gives me inner happiness as I serve as an agent in the improvement of their lives”, she said.

During an interview, Iris said that she has been invited several times by other companies. However, Iris chose to stay with Asiapro. When asked why she remained to stay, it is because of Asiapro’s purpose. She chose to inspire meaningful and fulfilled lives with Asiapro members.  Service, above all, is what keeps her driven. Loving her job and having a purpose in mind makes her contented everyday.

Success is not what has kept her happy all these years. It is happiness in serving others that has brought her success.