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Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds: 4 Advantages of Being a Member-Owner

One of the best manpower agencies in the Philippines is Asiapro. Why? It’s because we prioritize our workers – or member-owners as we call them – above everything else. Our member-owners enjoy a great working environment, a healthy relationship with their supervisors and peers, and of course, a multitude of benefits. Here are 4 advantages of being a member-owner in Asiapro:

  1. Member-Owners Enjoy Numerous Benefits

With almost 50,000 workers who serve our client-partners in various fields, Asiapro makes sure that member-owners are granted security of tenure and that they experience the benefits of full-time employees. This means that on top of receiving the mandated wages, every member-owner also enjoys premium-free life and medical insurance coverage. In addition to that, our member-owners also receive continuous training to help them become more efficient in the workplace.

Since Asiapro is a cooperative, every member is not just a worker. Instead, they are owners of the company who are entitled to a portion of this social enterprise’s earnings. This serves as another source of income for our member-owners. 

  1. Everyone is Valued

At Asiapro, each member’s well-being is protected. Aside from receiving numerous benefits, we also try to protect our member-owners from economic instability through our different business endeavors. On top of providing labor services to numerous client-partners, we also offer savings and credit, transportation, and agricultural services. Our other business ventures include Asiapro Transport, Memphis Trucking, and Agrilogx. These businesses serve as additional sources of income for our member-owners. How? As mentioned above, our members are not just workers. We call them member-owners because they are co-owners of the cooperative. This means that each of them also earns through the cooperative’s various businesses.

In addition to that, every member-owner is given packages of assistance. These packages serve to help them in times of financial crisis, especially if they earn minimum wage only. The packages can be used for medical, emergency, or educational purposes. 

  1. The Development of Workers is Ensured

Asiapro may have expanded to 18 satellite offices but our priority remains the same: each member-owner must receive continuous training for their own improvement. All member-owners undergo seminars and training before they begin working for a client-partners. Here, they are properly oriented about their jobs and responsibilities in order to help them perform better and adjust well to their new jobs.

Aside from that, our member-owners also receive constant training with regards to their fields of expertise. This does not only help them hone their skills; it also ensures that every member-owner is updated on the latest information and innovations in their chosen industries. As a result, they will be more productive at work and they will be able to develop their careers. 

  1. There is No “Endo”

Endo is the practice of hiring and firing employees every five months. This is why it is also sometimes referred to as ‘555’. Businesses that practice endo are trying to avoid regularizing employees so they hire them as contractual employees and then terminate their contracts one month before they end. It has been the subject of controversy especially during the 2016 election, with the candidates vowing to end the system in order to minimize the increasing unemployment rates in the country.

Compared to other labor service providers, Asiapro does not exercise endo or 555. Instead, our member-owners work for our client-companies until their projects are finished. It doesn’t matter if the project is expected to last for a year or two, our members will continue to share their expertise and knowledge without fear of being prematurely dismissed.

Being a member-owner is perhaps the best way for you to start your career. With Asiapro’s help, you can grow personally and professionally. Check out the available careers in our website now!