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3 Ways to Make Workers Happy

Contractualization is a delicate subject matter in the Philippines today because it defines the relationship between organizations and their workers. Numerous manpower agencies or labor service contractors lately have been criticized for the way they treat workers, as well as their practice of ‘endo’. Although some of these providers are really engaged in such practices that short-change their workers, there are some that do not. These businesses, like Asiapro, follow just measures to ensure that its member-owners are happy and secure as their business continues to flourish.

For Asiapro, the manpower service it provides is the most important element of its business. Its people, called member-owners, are the center of its attention; it is essential that their needs and concerns are addressed in the best possible way.

There are numerous ways to keep your workers happy; but below are three of the best ways to ensure that your workers are content. 

  1. Help Employees Feel Involved

There are a number of ways to make your employees feel involved. One of these is by holding regular meetings where everyone can share their concerns and opinions. This not only allows managers to get to know their workers better as well as their concerns or problems in the workplace, but it also gives them a chance to assure their employees that the company is working on resolving these concerns.

Aside from meetings, leaders can also organize special events that involve both the workers and their families. This is a great way to keep a family-like atmosphere where even personal relationships are built.

It is also a good practice to report the organization’s developments through newsletters and assemblies by area. These keep everyone updated about the business’ directions, progress on its endeavors, and milestone events. By these forms of communications, everyone feels important to be informed and involved in the organization’s success. 

  1. Make Employees Feel Valued

Aside from making their workers feel involved, leaders should also ensure that they feel valued. Superiors should be generous with praise and encouragement, as well as recognize contributions and significant achievements. Such practices will not only make workers happy, but it will encourage them to stay and further their careers in the company as well. 

  1. Being a Good Employer

The term “good” is relative and may be subjective. Generally, it means that leaders should set proper parameters of work to be done by their employees. They should be very clear about the job that workers are asked to do, including the responsibilities and accountabilities they carry in joining the organization. Well-defined performance expectations and rules to be observed assures workers that leaders are fair with them, leading to less problems arising in the future.

A good employer or company also provides their workers with the proper pay and benefits. Aside from the government-mandated benefits, the organization should also provide training opportunities to help hone their skills.

These three tips are just some of the ways that keep workers happy. Asiapro, one of the leading manpower agencies in the country, practice these and more. Aside from providing member-owners with the government-mandated benefits and Asiapro benefits, as well as making them feel involved and valued, the member-owners also receive a portion of the cooperative’s earnings. All of these contribute in protecting them from economic instability which, in turn, keeps these member-owners happy.